Life-cycle management of specifications (21/02/2016; vs 1.0)

Life-cycle management of specifications
General - Methodology
Other cross-border or within border use case
The Life-cycle management of specifications is a process that describes how to maintain the NCP specifications.This process is applicable to any specifications including semantic and technical specifications. It can be used for legal and organizational levels. it includes 0. Creation of the maintenance committee 1. Submission of the new change proposals or new features 2. The assignation to one editor 3. all the activities to analyse and report to the committee for decision 4. Validation activity 5. Update of the specification activity Planning, and tool support are also described
Governance and maintenance process
  • IT developers
  • Terminologists and linguists
  • Managers and decision makers
  • Clinicians
  • Health informatics experts
  • Policy-makers
Public domain
  • English